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          Wanted                 Judge for the 2018 Harden Moss Sheepdog Trials 22nd 23rd & 24th June Due to unforeseen circumstances I am unavailable to judge the trial on those dates, so we are looking for a replacement judge. All expenses will be reimbursed by the Harden Moss Sheep Dog Society plus an extra payment from myself. I believe it is the 110th year of this famous trial and would be an honour to judge. Please contact me by phone or email ( seen above) for further information. _______________________________                                     Hebridean Sheep For Sale One of the best sheep you could have for training your dog. These sheep have been shepherded with dogs from birth. Easily handled, forgiving, and flocking nature.                                   Welcome to try and view before buying.                        Contact:-            www.escrick.com                              or - johnatkinson@whiterosesheepdogs.com