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 To see all reports and UK results see Farmers Guardian           Out every Friday                              (Elaine Hill)                                                  Friday 24th January 2020 RESULTS. TRAWDEN, Barkerfield, Worston, Clitheroe, Lancashire, (Judge, J. Scrivin, Elslack) Nursery (26 ran) 1, M. Hutchinson (Littledale) Shadwell Sophie, 89 of 100; 2, P. Mellin (Oakworth) Jen, 83; 3, N. McNally (Bewcastle) Hillside Bob, 78; 4, M. Hutchinson, Denwyn Delilah, 77; 5, J. Simpson (Fence) Hilston Gem, 70; 6, L. Bancroft (Barnoldswick) Rick, 68. NORTH WESTMORLAND, Greystoke, Penrith, (Judge, A. Cowan, Roadhead, 55 ran) Nursery 1, P. Ellis (New Hutton) Jack, 85 of 90; 2, R. Harrison (Shap) Sky, 83; 3, J. Bentham (Windermere) Kym, 82; 4, J. Harrison (Keasden) Jill, 81; 5, S. Perello (Littledale) Shadwell Jey, 76; 6, D. Scrimgeour (Wigton) Jim, 73. Novice 1, E. Hill (Gaisgill) Maggie, 73 of 90; 2, S. Roper (Cleator Moor) Sky, 69; 3, J. Moscrop (Bewcastle) Bess, 65 OLF; 4, G. Fearon (Borrowdale) Jet, 65. New Handler 1, K. Walton (Langcliffe) Soo; 2, E. Harrison (Shap) Nell. FYLDE, Myerscough College, Bilsborrow, Preston, Lancashire, (Judge, V. Graham, Cleator Moor) Nursery (38 ran) 1, T. Huddleston (Caton) Rosa, 78 of 90; 2, R. Dean (Chipping) Ruby, 77; 3, S. Perello, Shadwell Jey, 71 OLF; 4, R. Harrison, Sky, 71; 5, J. Bentham, Kym, 69; 6, J. Harrison, Kate, 66. EAST ANGLIAN, Worlington, Suffolk, Saturday, (Judge, E. Thornalley, Worlington, 19 ran) Cradle 1, E. Street (Sudbury) Bob, 44; 2, L. Knocker (Newmarket) Cindy, 37; 3, S. Maddox (Hunstanton) Skye, 33; 4, J. Read (Diss) Max, 27. Novice Hander 1, H. Plant (Lutterworth) Floss, 62; 2, N. Wilden (Bramford) Pip, 52; 3, E. Street, Mist, 50; 4, E. Street, Pip, 46. Sunday, (Judge, Amy Rouse, Hildersham) Nursery 1, A. Davies (Bryneglwys) Glan y Gors Rob, 69 of 90; 2, E. Thornalley, Jack, 67; 3, A. Davies, Cynnfal Gwen, 63; 4, B. Wilden (Bramford) Dan, 60; 5, S. Jenkins (South Walsham) Elsie, 57; 6, C. Cassie (Lutterworth) Diva, 30. Novice 1, J. Moloney (Gosfield) Floss, 79 of 100; 2, G. Bharakhda (Finningham) Willow, 51; 3, R. Little (Kerdiston) Lenka, 44; 4, F. Chapman (Docking) Lad, 43. Open 1, C. Neal (Wormegay) Alf, 78 of 100; 2, B. Wilden, Jake, 76 OLF; 3, C. Neal, Dexter, 76; 4, B. Wilden, Sam, 70. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Whitfield, (Judge, L. de Ravel, Wigton) Nursery (22 ran) 1, E. Gray (Ewesley) Megan, 82 of 100; 2, K. Preston (Elsdon) Ross, 81; 3, P. Telfer (Haydon Bridge) Telf Jin, 80 OLF; 4, D. Henderson (Allendale) Sprite, 80; 5, M. Davidson (Alnwick) Poppy, 77; 6, M. Davidson, Shilvington Blair, 76. Novice 1, A. Saul (Otterburn) Tess. SUSSEX, Glynde, (Judge, S. Walker, Stelling Minnis, 10 ran) Nursery 1, M. Banham (Chipstead) Jack, 76 of 90; 2, P. Griffiths (Glynde) Maggie, 69; 3, I. Wheeler (Isle of Wight) Jock, 61; 4, G. Orlando (Chipstead) Jim, 58; 5, M. Banham, Bob, 55; 6, W. Cole (Tillingham) Tess, 41. Novice 1, R. Putnam (Kirdford) Mosse. CHARITY TRIAL, Hall Farm, North Reston, Louth, Saturday, (Judge, D. Sykes, Bardney) Open (56 ran) 1, G. Blyth (Roos) Hilston Spot, 85 of 100; 2, C. Neal, Alf, 83; 3, J. McBride (Grantham) Gus, 79; 4, R. Watson (Millom) Jet, 77; 5, C. Neal, Dexter, 74; 6, R. Watson, Kate, 73. Sunday, (Judge, S. Jarvis, Binbrook) Open (53 ran) 1, K. Cropper (Shap) Butch, 93 of 100; 2, R. Watson, Ace, 90; 3, R. Watson, Sally, 89; 4, G. Blyth, Hilston Spot, 85; 5, Thomas Longton (Quernmore) Lucy, 84; 6, J. Atkinson (Escrick) Ballyglass Vic, 82. Proceeds to Marie Curie Nurses. WEST COUNTRY, Nursery, Greenwell Farm, Yelverton, (Judge, B. Watson, North Taunton) Maltese cross 1, R. Skelley (Shaugh Prior) Groesfaen Hope, 61 of 80; 2, J. Watson (Postbridge) Bill, 55; 3, J. Watson, Seth, 54; 4, J. Watson, Preselli Bill, 46. New Hander 1, J. Cox (Shaugh Prior) Ace. Driving 1, J. Watson, Gary, 73 of 100; 2, J. Watson, Sue, 72; 3, Ray Edwards (Chulmleigh) Flo, 69; 4, R. Skelley, Groesfaen Mirk, 67; 5, J. Watson, Ted, 61; 6, F. Richards (Callington) Lloyd Bee, 60. NORTHERN, Quebec, WINDERMERE, Whitbeck, SLINDON, Championship and team run-off, Slindon – postponed or cancelled due to weather. DIARY. Saturday January 25.  NORTH LANCS, Nursery and New Handler, Lee End Farm, Quernmore, Lancaster, LA2 9EE, 9am start, enter on field, those with two dogs to be booked in by 12 noon. YORKSHIRE, Nursery, New and Young Handlers welcome, West Hall Farm, Nesfield, Ilkley, LS29 0BX, 9.30am start, enter on field, those with two dogs to be booked in by 12 noon. NORTHERN, Nursery, Committee Novice and New Handler, Hamsteels Hall, Quebec, Co. Durham, DH7 9RS, 9am start, enter on field by 1pm, only one dog after 12 noon. RAINOW, Nursery, Novice and Beginner, Yearnslow Farm, Rainow, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 5XH, 9am start, enter on field by 1pm. RYEDALE, Nursery, Cawton, near Helmsley, North Yorkshire, 10.30am start, enter on field by 1pm, more than one dog first by 12 noon. WINDERMERE, Nursery and New Handler, Shap, off A6 south of village, CA10 3PZ, 9.30am start, enter on field by 2pm unless dogs are still running, catering. Sunday January 26.  MID-SHIRES, Open, Nursery and Novice, Melton Mowbray, LE13 1LB, 9am start, enter on field, open dogs to be booked in by 10am. NORTHERN, Nursery, Committee Novice and New Handler, Pool Tree Farm, Hamsterley, Co. Durham, DL13 3QW, 10am start, enter on field by 1pm, only one dog after 12 noon. NORTH WESTMORLAND, Nursery, Novice and New Handler, Shap, off A6 south of the village, CA10 3PZ, 9am start, enter on field by 1pm, only one dog after 12 noon, novice confined to Cumbria, catering. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Nursery with Championship, Lilburn, NE66 4YD, 10am start, enter on field. ROMNEY MARSH, Cradle, Novice Handler, Nursery and Novice, Whitehall, Ludgate Lane, Lynsted, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 0RF, 10am start. SLINDON, Team Run-off and Championship, Slindon House Farm, Slindon, Eccleshall, Staffordshire, ST21 6LX, 9.30am start, entry closed, catering. CLOUGH HEAD, Open, Grane Road, Haslingden, Lancashire, BB4 4AT, 8.30am start, enter on field by 2pm, maximum two dogs per handler, catering. END  
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